The WASA project




Florent Selva

  1. Setting up an environment (design + implementation + tests + deployment) for a "real-world" project.
  2. Better understanding of notion of framework-based code reuse.
  3. Improve my experience of scientific software applications development.
  4. Improve my skills on a cutting-edge software development platform.
  5. Improve my knowledge of constraint-based problems.
  6. Work for a recipient with a high scientific background.
  7. Improve my teamwork experiment.
  8. Discover methods and approaches of my teammate who's got already professional experience.
  9. Join specifications making, and appreciate impact of my decisions on middle-term.

Laurent Caillette

  1. Create a product whose quality's is the first quality.
  2. Take part to technical and functional specifications.
  3. Create a product whose internal quality could be appreciated by other developers.
  4. Improve my knowledge of constraint-oriented programming.
  5. Improve my knowledge of frameworks design.
  6. Work on an intellectually challenging product.
  7. Transmit my teammate some of my software engineering experience.
  8. Create an Open Source project, which I could use as a reference on my resume.
  9. Improve my experience of working with a recipient with strong scientific background.