The WASA project


All samples may be run with the runsamples.bat or script, at the root of the WASA distribution. They can be launched independantly as well.


This puzzle consists in placing N queens on a N x N chessboard so that no two
queens attach each other. It has been used as reference implementation for our solver, because it is easy to debug.

See implementation in fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.samples.queens.

The NaiveQueens class gives a "naive" implementation, on which the Cookstour is based.

The NQueens class gives a more "real-world like" implementation, with optimized constraints and explorer.

Magic square

The magic square puzzle consists in placing on a N x N square all the numbers
in { 1, 2, ..., N2 } such as the sum of the numbers in all rows, columns and the
two diagonals are the same.

See implementation in fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.samples.square.

The Progressive Party Problem (PPP)

Reference :
Integer Optimization by Local Search
Joachim Paul Walzer,
ISBN 3-540-66367-3

There is an evening party in the context of a yachting rally. Certain boats are selected to be hosts, and the crews of the remaining boats in turn visit the host boats for several successive half-hour periods. The crew of a host boat remains on board to to act as hosts while the crew of a guest boat together visits several hosts. Every boat can only host a limiter number of guests at a time and crew sizes are different. There are six time periods. A guest boat cannot revisit a host and guest crews cannot meet more than once. Certain boats are constrained to be hosts, and selecting the hosts among the remaining boats is stated as a part of the problem.

See implementation in