The WASA project


WASA Cookstour

  • Packages overview
  • Core classes
  • Buisness Objects and side effect
  • Monitoring
  • Design Patterns

    These are the WASA core classes (package fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.core) the programmer should know about :

    • Problem holds all what defines a Problem,
    • Var allows mapping of Buisness Object states,
    • Explorer finds a Neighbourhood, (n the Adaptative Algorithm sense),
    • Constraint defines a Constraint ("how good" a Var is),
    • ErrorMixer allows to customize Constraints evaluations,
    • RandomConfigurator defines how to "shake" Buisness Object states,
    • Engine provides many useful properties and methods for running the Algorithm,
    • Algorithm is the (generic) implementation of the Adaptative Search Algorithm,
    • ICustomizer allows to customize the stochastic behavior of Algorithm.

    Classes in bold are those which must be subclassed in order to define the minimum problem.