WASA Runtime
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa The WASA framework.
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.core The core of the WASA framework, containing the Adaptative Search Algorithm implementation.
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.util Utilities for a simpler use of Var objects and random sequences.
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.util.customizer Customizer tools.

fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.samples Sample tools.
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.samples.magicsquare The Magic Square problem.
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.samples.party The Progressive Party Problem: PPP.
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.samples.queens The n-queens problem.

fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.monitor.event Events sent during algorithm execution.
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.monitor.model Structure of a WASA report.
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.monitor.xml I/O primitives for reading / writing Monitor objects to a log.

Monitor GUI
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.monitor.gui The GUI of the WASA Monitor.
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.monitor.gui.action Actions.
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.monitor.gui.application Classes for internal structure of the WASA Monitor GUI.
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.monitor.gui.bus Event bus of WASA Monitor GUI.
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.monitor.gui.detail Panels for the detail view.
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.monitor.gui.event Events used by WASA Monitor GUI.
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.monitor.gui.frame Main frame of the WASA Monitor framework GUI.

com.lc.util.awt AWT Display utilities, which can also be used in a Swing context.
com.lc.util.swing Swing utilities, essentially dialog-based.

com.lc.util.junit Automated tests.
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.core.junit Test cases using JUnit.
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.junit Tests for the WASA framework.
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.monitor.event.junit Automated tests.
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.monitor.gui.test Tests of the WASA Monitor GUI.
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.monitor.model.test Test of model implementation.
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.monitor.xml.junit Automated tests of the xml tools.
fr.jussieu.gla.wasa.util.junit Automated tests for the RandomIterator class.